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In Memoriam

Tara & rabbit

01.03.2008 Mol (B)
Again a new try in a field trial test. We tried our luck with our older ladies Diva, Coco and Tara and we took a Belgian pbgv Moose to our pack, as the dogs had already earlier worked together.
We didn't have luck in the lottery and our pack was chosen to be the last one of the day, out of 9 packs! So it was a long day, for us and for the dogs. The day before it had been very stormy and rainy and it still was very windy even if it was dry the whole day. 
Our pack's turn was only at 17h30, the dogs were far too nervous in the beginning but they started working after a while. The dogs found a track a couple of times but probably the track was not fresh enough. Coco felt so frustrated that barked too much and we had to put her to the lead. The time run out without success.
Judges: J. Gillis, F. Denayer, Y. Glibert

23.09.2007 Mol (B)
We participated in the field trial training in Mol (B) with Diva and her 3 puppies: Vega, Wilma and Boss. Boss practiced together with Sjimmy and Sjors (owned by Ina and Martien Viets) who already have BCs. Boss used his nose very well but didn't enter to the bushes yet. Diva tried to learn the tricks for Vega and Wilma. Our girls were the last pack of the day and it was already very warm, around 25 degrees, so it was a bit too hot for the dogs. However, Diva worked quite well and she found a track in the bushes a couple of the times but unfortunately she lost her interest after a while and took a bath in the water instead. Vega and Wilma went to the bushes but they didn't quite understand what to do in there so we have to continue practicing as it was the first field trial exercise for them.  It was, again, a very nice day in Mol. Our warmest thanks to Marie-José van de Pol for your help and of wonderful pictures!


03.03.2007 Mol (B)
We participated in the field trial test (Brevet de Chasse) for rabbits in Mol (B), organized by the Belgian Hound Club with Diva, Coco and Tara. We also had a petit Moose from Belgium in our lot.
In the morning at 8h45, when the first lot started, the weather was really horrible, rainy and stormy, and even if it was already better when it was our time at 10h45, our dogs were not able to find any trace of rabbits. However, our trio traced two deers and chased them in an excellent way but as the test was for rabbits we had to stop the dogs, take them to the leash and try to get them interested in rabbit searching. But the doggies were still confused about the deers and the time was running out without any result. Better luck next time!
Judges: J. Gillis, F. Denayer, Y. Glibert


18.2.2006 Mol (B)


We participated in the field trial training in Mol (Belgium) with our petits Diva, Coco and Tara and we also had a Belgian pbgv Moose as a fourth member in our pack.  Altogether 6 packs, pbgvs and gbgvs, participated in this day.


We had been told that the rabbits are not numerous in those areas at the moment so we weren’t too optimistic. But we were lucky as in 15 minutes the first rabbit was found by our dogs and all the dogs started chasing. During one hour (which was the time set for each pack) the chase was almost uninterrupted and specially Coco and Moose distinguished themselves in the search by squeezing into the bushes and Diva followed the trace even on the asphalt.


The funniest chance was when one of the ”advisors” saw a rabbit next to him in the bushes and he managed to catch it by hand. He waited until Moose and Tara had a possibility ”to look the rabbit in the eyes” before he let the rabbit go – and of course the chasing started immediately.


So we were very pleased with the training day. Our warmest thanks to Marie-José van de Pol and Luc Vanbroeckhoven for their kind assistance during the day.


Photos taken by Erwin Meijerink. Thank you!

Moose, Diva, Coco and Tara

A part of the field trial training participants


12.11.2005 Eschdorf (L)
We participated in an official deer hunting organized in Eschdorf, Luxembourg. Our 3 petits + 1 mixed, around 10 hunters and around 10 volunteers were participating in this day.
The morning session started at 9h30. The dogs still in the leash Coco found the first hare but as hares are protected in Luxembourg this year due to a small number of them we had to let hares go and go to search for the deers. Unfortunately we didn't find any deers during the morning (only a second hare so that the dogs had some fun) so we went for a lunch and hoped the best for the afternoon.
In the afternoon we went to a very difficult terrain advantageous for the deers. The hunters took their places and we "beaters" (without guns) in the orange vests with or without dogs made up a line in the woods and started our way towards the hunters and let the dogs loose after the sign. We did our way through the bushes by shouting and beating the trees. We quickly found some deers in the bushes and the dogs, mainly Diva, started chasing.
In 3 hours I personally saw 4 deers and 2 hares, some of us even more so the dogs were really busy. The terrain being very steep with a lot of bushes and fallen trees was not the easiest one for us not to mention our law leg friends...
Diva showed her best sides in this deer hunt. Coco specialized mainly in the hares and Tara showed her skills on the track. She had been barking about 20 minutes next to the river when a hunter came to see what is going on. There was a wounded deer in the river which Tara had traced because of the blood in the woods.
At the end of the day the prey was 4 deers and 2 foxes. It was a long but satisfying day specially for the hunters but for us as well and of course for our dogs.


7.10.2005 Aimée (Finnlander's Born To Be Wild) participated in the official hunting test in Czech and she passed with the maximum points! So she got the "Brevet de Chasse".
The first Finnlander's litter and the first Brevet de Chasse!
Congratulations Aimée and Ursula!

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